crapplenut (applenut) wrote in swimmingly,


The move to our new host is just about complete - all the hard stuff (ie, waiting for the domain name to move its arse) is now done.

Thankyou for your patience, and we'll be back soon!
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phew! I had been away for some time, I wondered where it went!
So I get my mail back soon? I've been able to send but not receive up until today. Now it tells me my password is wrong when I open Outlook. I should just be patient, yes?
Cool! I had been away for a while and wondered where it went when I checked it out a couple of days ago.

Deleted comment

yaygood! I miss my pool. :)
So do I! I've been lost without it... like a fish out of water, so to speak =)

Deleted comment

i am, and i assume it is because, as raena said, the move isn't quite finished.

so pumped to have the pool back soon!
Wootage! Can't wait to have it back up, and so fresh and so clean to boot! :)
ain't nobody dope as swimmingly, it's just so fresh and clean =D
I can't wait. I have posting fever!