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Swimmingly Community Forums' Journal

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Wednesday, May 9th, 2007
11:57 am - Spamorama

So I went back to Swimmy today to see what's going on. The new CC LJ community got me thinking back to all the boards, so I wanted to check them out.

WTH is up with all the spam? Viagra and phenteramine and porno ads? 

I want to get back on Swimmy, but not when it's all gross with spam. :(

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Wednesday, January 18th, 2006
2:10 pm

No one is posting :(

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Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005
12:05 am - Trying Again

Okay loves. It is back and back properly now.

Thanks to the efforts of the beautiful Applenut, we have SWIMMEH again! And it's not going to break!

I apologise a million times for last time. But now we have a fresh start and a stunning new look. Lots of fun things to come soon, but for now - JOIN AND SPREAD THE WORD!

We're back!!!! :D

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Wednesday, November 9th, 2005
11:20 am - hi

So I got an email that Swimmingly was going to be revamped, and that is very cool. I went to the site, registered under a new name (couldn't remember the old one and it's been ages anyway), and just now went to see the boards... and they aren't there.

Are things under construction? I was just wondering what is going on. :)

current mood: curious

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Tuesday, November 1st, 2005

Hey Mods!

If you are reading this then hopefully you already got the message that Manda and I are trying to get Swimmingly back to the way it used to be!

We would love you all to return so that we can sort out the forums; who still wants to mod and who should mod what! We are also looking at deleting or combining some of the less popular forums, so come on back and tell us what you think!

In a weeks time we are going to remove anyone who either hasn't returned or tells us they don't want to do it anymore (thats the 8th of November).

I hope we see you soon!

xx Kate and Manda

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3:38 pm - We Miss Swimmingly....

So we're trying to get her back. Or, create a new home for us all to return to.

I know we've been away for ages, and I know things have changed for a lot of us. So Kate, Mare and I are currently having a look at ways we can clean up the forums, and start a whole new place for discussion. We'd LOVE to get the front page up and running again, and get some great discussion happening!

If you have any ideas, or problems, or thoughts, please jump in. We're looking at moving anything that hasn't been posted in a while to Thread Cemetery for a little bit, so that you have a chance to save any memories before we start afresh!

*splashes away*

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Sunday, April 24th, 2005
5:26 pm - update on a missing person :)

J is still around, but he is surely getting on my last nerve. i think he has finally run out of daddy steam. i am going to stop trying so hard to include him in Milo's life. he needs to make all of the effort as far as i am concerned.

he just seems so unstable to me. my kid needs more than that. better to have no daddy than a jacked up one.

i guess i am just going to have to put it this way.......

in order to convenience him, i allowed J to see Milo on Sunday's for 5.5 hours. it invites a lot of unnecessary stress into my life and at the same time. planning for this small amount of 'quality time' has been a huge emotional strain and burden for me.

being as i am the primary caregiver and spend a great deal of time money and effort caring for Milo, my weekends are to relax. it is more than difficult for me to head to the gym (helps to boost my energy a bit) then turn around and drive across town to drop Milo off, only to have to turn around in what seems like no more than a couple of hours (and that really is what it is) to pick up my son.

i hear many complaints from J about how he is spending time with a child that he NEVER wanted to have and that his car is unsafe and that i leave Milo with him when he hits his head and has seizures (J not Milo- J can handle his seizures. as far as i am concerned, they are more like tremors caused by aggravation of past head injuries. they do not render him useless and helpless as a parent.

i am not even mad... i just want J to know that i am now going to stick to the agreement that we had agreed upon. if he does not want to do the times dates and places that are in the original court order, then he can plan on not seeing Milo. i do know , that this will spur many a trip to daycare to see his son. that is a pain in my fucking ass and i think i would have to push to get that shit to stop as he has already shown that he is an idiot and cannot handle just picking up his son like he should. he likes to stick around and raise the children's level of anxiety. you know how kids get when a different grownup shows in the center who is not a teacher? they forget that they are in school. i hang out there too, but that is generally at the end of the day when i come to pick up Milo. it is also done when the kids are out on the playground. i always go out to get him and the kids love talking to me. i like them too. i am one of the cool parents. i shoot baskets with them and talk about their lives and their day. i don't hang onto my child and shoo all the other kids away from him like J does. the daycare knows that they can always tell me not to do that. they like me too. i guess i better volunteer myself for a couple of reading days. hee hee

but J is on the outs with me. i need my strength and my mental faculties back.

i think this is the way that i will do it.

it is amazing that we have been divorced over 2 years and it is almost like it was the day i left.



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Monday, December 6th, 2004
7:25 pm

Just saying hi :D
I posted awhile back on the forums as Xanie, I still lurk now and then.

So this was a great find!

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Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004
6:51 pm - the day after...

*cross posted in a couple of communities*

*opinion only*

uh. all we can do is sit and wait it out if we are democrats who want to complain. either that, or we can stop analyzing the last 48 hours and get out and make sure that change takes place. we don't have 9 months to decide how all of America should vote and then try to re-educate or just educate for that matter.

the vote should be severely important.

the intelligent voter should be our focus for the next 4 years. that is a long time to educate people on reading and making informed decisions when voting instead of just saying 'I voted for bush because Kerry has a long face'

spoken best by a correspondent quoting an aide on the Lehrer news hours

even thought the democratic base grew by almost 5 million votes,
the Republican base grew by 7-8 million.
the republican party reached many people that the democratic party does not know
and people that the media does not know.

many people were brought out through the underground....

that would be churches and special segments of society.

I concede the presidency to Shrub as well, but I know that he has a lot of more easily swayed folks on his side.

how many country folk in the central and Midwest and southern end of this country listened to Shrub as their leader. as their shepherd as their lord and supreme savior? *shiver*

I think there were a great many more.

Kerry did not play the religion card enough and I say good for him.

it was said that Kerry was writing his acceptance speech up until 8 or so last night.
the aides say it did not hit them like a sledgehammer. they followed the exit polls that jibed with their own numbers. they thought they had won.

we did win... as a people, we can continue on our winning path if we continue to work together

the speech that Kerry gave, gave us hope that we all (that is not just the American people because I think we do it better than a lot of smug politicians) should fight to work together. Kerry exited like a man beaten but still strong in his convictions. I want to see that in the president we still have. I would like to hold him to his promises to strengthen our Social Security fund and win the war on terror (read -FINISH the war on terror), and change the tax codes to help ALL OF HIS CONSTITUENTS!!, make EVERY SINGLE school better. just stand by your words W... stand by them with the conviction that you say you have to your God. hold your people in that light as well. have faith in us as we all travel the next 4 years TOGETHER!

it seems almost as if the kids on the playground have just had the fight broken up by yard duty and they now have to shake hands and sit their asses on the fence and talk out their issues...

and there had better be no fighting in the lunch room or on the way home after school for that matter!
and when they get back to school the next day. no fighting either.
bring it through elementary school (the next 4 years)
and junior high (the next 4 years with someone other than Shrub)
and drag that cooperation and friendship through high school ...
and junior college...
and university ...
and just through life...
and life's experiences.

always remembering the fight on the playground and the time spent sitting on the fence thinking about why the fight was bad and why that fight should never happen again.

it is so hard to think this way when that little voice in your head keeps telling you it will never happen. makes me very sad but always sure that change can happen if we ALL make it so....

truly yours,

current mood: hopeful

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Thursday, September 11th, 2003
7:33 pm

Helloooooo everyone!! StrawberryFields here, just saying hello and letting you know who this is. ;)
Swimmingly LJ Community.. This is awesomeness from every angle. :)

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Monday, June 9th, 2003
8:34 pm - Swimmingly Moderators...

Hey kids!

New mod spots have been announced... go check out zee mod forum.

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Thursday, June 5th, 2003
6:45 pm - And we're back!

After numerous hosting and domain hitches, me being busy as hell, and the vagaries of transferring 65347564675 posts, PMs and members between servers using dialup - yes, we're back in business on our new host!

You'll notice at the time of this post that there are no moderators anywhere except the Admin group. We're re-shuffling the mods and making a few changes, and the admins will mind the house in the meantime.

If you have a Swimmingly e-mail account, you'll find that it'll work again soon.

You will see redesigning going on soon, too. Please mind your head and watch for dust and falling objects.

Big ups for member Fido who generously donated his mighty broadband and l33ter skillz for the transfer. You si teh win.

Huzzah! Go and enjoy now!

current mood: awake

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Monday, May 26th, 2003
2:10 am - Update!

The move to our new host is just about complete - all the hard stuff (ie, waiting for the domain name to move its arse) is now done.

Thankyou for your patience, and we'll be back soon!

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Saturday, May 17th, 2003
4:56 pm - Swimmingly move

Hi guys,

So yeah! It took more than just a few days, but the move is finally being made now. Please be patient while the domain name makes its change to the new server; we'll be back in the pool before you know it.

(x-posted between swimmingly, worldpool and my LJ - sorry for any repeats!)

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Sunday, May 4th, 2003


We will soon have new, cheaper, better hosting. To do this, we need to move all our data and the swimmingly.org domain name to the new place. The site will be making the move in a few days' time. There will be approximately 72 hours (three days) downtime, probably less. Those three days are to allow the domain name servers around the world to recognise that swimmingly.org belongs to a different Web server.

During that time:
a. Your swimmingly.org e-mail accounts will work intermittently, or not at all. If you have a POP account, save your old mail to your hard drive. Any new mail sent during those three days, or old saved mail, may be lost. If you have a forwarder, you need to make other arrangements for anyone who is sending mail to you@swimmingly.org. It is likely that they will receive a message saying that the account cannot be found.

Mail accounts would be restored over a couple of days.

b. The boards will be closed. (Surprise.) They will be re-opened once I've transferred all the data and accounts and shit.

c. The other stuff for the stories on the homepage (Movable Type) will also be transferred. This will be given least priority, although all of them have been saved: don't panic.

d. Expect a new look. (Still blue, most likely.)

e. In the meantime, keep an eye on the Swimmingly LiveJournal (you're reading it now, geniuses), located at:

Progress reports and so forth will go there.


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Friday, February 14th, 2003
11:39 pm

what's wrong with the swimmingly boards?

mySQL query error: SELECT f.*, c.id as cat_id, c.position as cat_position, c.state as cat_state, c.name as cat_name, c.description as cat_desc,
c.image, c.url, m.member_name as mod_name, m.member_id as mod_id, m.is_group, m.group_id, m.group_name, m.mid
from inv_forums f, inv_categories c
LEFT JOIN inv_moderators m ON (f.id=m.forum_id)
order by c.position, f.position

mySQL error: Got error 28 from table handler
mySQL error code: 1030
Date: Friday 14th of February 2003 05:38:52 PM

that's the message I got when trying to open the boards...

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Monday, November 25th, 2002
12:58 pm - Swimmingly downtime

It seems as though everyone is having trouble reaching Swimmingly at the moment. People with @swimmingly.org e-mail address may also find that their mail is not being retrieved.

Please do not e-mail me or the other admins about this, because it appears to be a host-related problem and not something we can fix from this end.


current mood: relaxed

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Friday, May 10th, 2002
1:26 pm

The Pool is back, kids!

Thank you so much, dearest admins, for geting us going again!

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Monday, March 25th, 2002
3:24 pm - hey girlies
jessicagrace well, how are you all? everthing is fab here. spring break is over and i'm trying to change all of my stuff. I'm waiting for exciting stuff to start happening. *yawn* I really need a nap. yeah. I'm gonna major in Literature! that makes me SOOO HAPPY!!!

current mood: artistic

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Sunday, March 24th, 2002
11:58 am

Howdee-doo, lovely poolies?

I really hope that what I'm going to ask isn't rude or inconsiderate, because I know that Ainjel hasn't got much time to spare.
But I was wondering if we will eventually get Swimmingly back up, and if so, what we can do to help. I think that a few of us would like to make a contribution/donation to help with the cost of hosting the boards...

Don't get me wrong, I completely understand that Ainj hasn't got much time and that it's a lot of work for one person. I'm not getting impatient or making any reproaches. I was just wondering if the boards will eventually be up and running again.


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