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And we're back!

After numerous hosting and domain hitches, me being busy as hell, and the vagaries of transferring 65347564675 posts, PMs and members between servers using dialup - yes, we're back in business on our new host!

You'll notice at the time of this post that there are no moderators anywhere except the Admin group. We're re-shuffling the mods and making a few changes, and the admins will mind the house in the meantime.

If you have a Swimmingly e-mail account, you'll find that it'll work again soon.

You will see redesigning going on soon, too. Please mind your head and watch for dust and falling objects.

Big ups for member Fido who generously donated his mighty broadband and l33ter skillz for the transfer. You si teh win.

Huzzah! Go and enjoy now!
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