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the day after...

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uh. all we can do is sit and wait it out if we are democrats who want to complain. either that, or we can stop analyzing the last 48 hours and get out and make sure that change takes place. we don't have 9 months to decide how all of America should vote and then try to re-educate or just educate for that matter.

the vote should be severely important.

the intelligent voter should be our focus for the next 4 years. that is a long time to educate people on reading and making informed decisions when voting instead of just saying 'I voted for bush because Kerry has a long face'

spoken best by a correspondent quoting an aide on the Lehrer news hours

even thought the democratic base grew by almost 5 million votes,
the Republican base grew by 7-8 million.
the republican party reached many people that the democratic party does not know
and people that the media does not know.

many people were brought out through the underground....

that would be churches and special segments of society.

I concede the presidency to Shrub as well, but I know that he has a lot of more easily swayed folks on his side.

how many country folk in the central and Midwest and southern end of this country listened to Shrub as their leader. as their shepherd as their lord and supreme savior? *shiver*

I think there were a great many more.

Kerry did not play the religion card enough and I say good for him.

it was said that Kerry was writing his acceptance speech up until 8 or so last night.
the aides say it did not hit them like a sledgehammer. they followed the exit polls that jibed with their own numbers. they thought they had won.

we did win... as a people, we can continue on our winning path if we continue to work together

the speech that Kerry gave, gave us hope that we all (that is not just the American people because I think we do it better than a lot of smug politicians) should fight to work together. Kerry exited like a man beaten but still strong in his convictions. I want to see that in the president we still have. I would like to hold him to his promises to strengthen our Social Security fund and win the war on terror (read -FINISH the war on terror), and change the tax codes to help ALL OF HIS CONSTITUENTS!!, make EVERY SINGLE school better. just stand by your words W... stand by them with the conviction that you say you have to your God. hold your people in that light as well. have faith in us as we all travel the next 4 years TOGETHER!

it seems almost as if the kids on the playground have just had the fight broken up by yard duty and they now have to shake hands and sit their asses on the fence and talk out their issues...

and there had better be no fighting in the lunch room or on the way home after school for that matter!
and when they get back to school the next day. no fighting either.
bring it through elementary school (the next 4 years)
and junior high (the next 4 years with someone other than Shrub)
and drag that cooperation and friendship through high school ...
and junior college...
and university ...
and just through life...
and life's experiences.

always remembering the fight on the playground and the time spent sitting on the fence thinking about why the fight was bad and why that fight should never happen again.

it is so hard to think this way when that little voice in your head keeps telling you it will never happen. makes me very sad but always sure that change can happen if we ALL make it so....

truly yours,
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